Bring beauty into the midst of your everyday life through artwork and intentionally designed notebooks.

Meet the artist

Elisa is an artist from Philadelphia, PA. Her dream is to bring beauty into the world and make artwork accessible to all through prints, products, and original paintings.

This inspired her to open a shop that sells artistically designed products and artwork. See more of Elisa's adventures on her instagram @elisa.m.torres.

Best Sellers

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  • Amy, CA


    "The spiritual feeling of the this image is so peaceful. I love the artwork and the expression on Mary's face which is quietly radiant in a way that I love. Thank you!"

  • Gina, NY


    "I really love Elisa’s art style - the colors she uses and the way she uses them, the simplicity but also detail. There’s something very special about her work and each piece she creates"

  • Sam, TX


    "I received my spring poppies water color print today, and it is absolutely wonderful. The colors are vivid and it really adds to the environment. It came in perfect condition; it looks even better in person than it does in the pictures. Next time you think of sending someone flowers, consider buying them one of these instead."